President's Message

LT GEN S.N Handa

pvsm, avsm, vsm

It gives me immense pleasure to inaugurate the first ever dedicated website of the Georgians Association Delhi (GAD) – wholly owned, operated and administered by GAD, in the 27th year of GAD’s existence. It is indeed a matter of pride for all Georgians to have such a website, for, in a nation which is taking giant strides towards digitization, having a dedicated website of its own is not only a matter of prestige for GAD and Georgians but a dire necessity too.

After our two earlier experiences with websites owned and operated by individual Georgians, a strong need was felt for GAD to have a dedicated website of its own. A decision to the effect was taken at the very first meeting of the present Executive Committee on 17 Jan 2015. The decision was pursued vigorously with several web developers in NCR but for some reason or the other, the project just failed to take off even though we had the basic contours of design and layout ready by mid-2015.

Sustained and dogged efforts by our General Secretary, Mr Rambir Sangwan finally put us in touch with a highly competent and experienced professional in the field, Georgian Ajay of Red Cube sometime in July 2016. Thereafter, there was no looking back and the project gathered momentum. The final shape to the design and layout of the website was given at the Executive Committee Meeting held on 14 Oct 2016 when detailed deliberations took place between members present – Mr Rajender Yadav, Vice President, Mr Rambir Sangwan, General Secretary, and Col Yashpal Yadav Rep RMS Ajmer besides the President – and Mr Ajay. With his deep involvement with Georgians and all matters Georgian and an unbeatable grassroots understanding of the needs of Georgians, Rambir made an outstanding contribution towards finalizing the design and layout of the website. With a highly spirited and positive response from Ajay, it was decided to launch the same by 15 Nov 2016, a somewhat ambitious deadline especially since Ajay was himself going to be abroad during this period.

Finalizing the design and layout was but the first small step only. The major work to develop the website lay ahead – that of providing data inputs, highly tedious, complex and taxing at the best of times, and closely monitoring progress. Rambir once again rose to the occasion despite his personal and professional commitments and made an exemplary contribution. It is his missionary zeal and passion, which finally saw the Georgians realizing their long cherished dream of having a dedicated website of their own.

The design of the website is rooted in the Georgian ethos of “One for All, All for One”. Besides enabling Georgians to network with each other and provide support, it is designed to further the “core” objective of GAD as envisioned by the Executive Committee – that of providing ‘Career Guidance and Counseling’ and empowering alumni in determining their career paths and achieving improved placements. Towards this end, besides providing basic information on various higher education and job options, it will also facilitate posting of job opportunities and CVs.

A project of this nature and magnitude has to be an ‘ongoing’ project. The launch is just the beginning of this journey. We expect to further refine, build up and enrich the website in times to come with suggestions from the Georgian fraternity. May I request the esteemed fraternity to send forth their suggestions and also to bear with any ‘glitches’ that they may encounter. I assure you all of our continued efforts to remove all such ‘glitches’ and ensure that Georgians have an effective platform to network and communicate with each other, even as younger Georgians utilize it to chart their chosen career paths.

I wish to convey my sincere thanks to all members of the Executive Committee who have been closely associated with the project from its inception – Rajender(Tipu) Yadav, Chander Prakash, former Treasurer, Col Yashpal Yadav, Georgian Ashok Sheoran, School Rep Bangalore, Georgian Raj Pathak and, of course Rambir Sangwan, whose contribution I find it hard to express adequately in words. In the ultimate, it is his passion, dogged determination and will to succeed against all odds that saw the Georgians realizing their long-cherished dream of having a dedicated website of their own. On behalf of the entire Georgian fraternity, I extend my special thanks to Rambir for seeing the project through. Special thanks are also due to Georgian Ashok Sheoran for his very positive and whole-hearted moral and material support for the project.

I dedicate this website to all Georgians. May it enable you to find your long lost friends – happy surfing!

Long Live the Georgian Spirit. God bless!