The Embodiment of Discipline and Excellence

The Rashtriya military School were founded by King George the fifth as a direct act of benevolence to indian Soliders. King George V (18-65 -1936) was King of Great britain and emperor of India from 1910 to 1936.

Rashtriya Military Schools are the embodiment of discipline and excellence. The schools have grown alongside our country – from pre-independence to the present day and have a vast, rich history. Over the course of more than 91 years, Rashtriya Military Schools have given this country some remarkable men who have made our nation proud.

The foundation for Rashtriya Military Schools ( then King George V Royal Indian Military School) was laid in Feb 1922 in Jalandhar and Jhelum by King George the Fifth, the King of Great Britain. But it was not until 15 September 1925 that these schools began functioning. The schools were re-designated quite a few times over the course of eight decades. Finally in 2007, the name ‘The Rashtriya Military Schools’ was given to them.

The Rashtriya Military Schools are among the oldest resident schools of the country and are among the founding members of the Indian Public School’s Conference (IPSC). Today, there are 5 different Rashtriya Military Schools located at Chail, Dholpur, Ajmer, Bangalore and Belgaum. Each of these schools are designed to provide training to 450 cadets. Cadets from all over the country are admitted into Class VI through a common entrance test conducted under the supervision of Integrated Headquarters of Ministry of Defence.

“ShilamParamBhushanam” (Character is the highest virtue) is the motto of The Rashtriya Military Schools. Values hold an important place in the schools’ environment. Each of these schools inculcates the culture of the place it is located in without compromising on its core values. The cadets are not only prepared for academic and co-curricular activities but are provided with training in life skills for overall development of their personalities. Because of the kind of education they impart, The Rashtriya Military Schools have housed some of the most remarkable men this country has ever seen.