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Welcome Aboard Fellow Georgian! This platform is an initiative to bring together all Georgians so that all of us can assist each other in every walk of life. Be it apt education guidance, intelligent career counselling, circulating info about the annual meets and other events of paramount significance, providing good placement opportunities to finding a suitable life partner for yourself, your son or daughter you name it and we have got it right here for you. Not to mention finding your long lost friends. All you have to do is register yourself and start assisting each other in numerous ways possible.
Long Live the Georgian Spirit!

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Lt. Gen. S.N Handa

( President GAD )

GAD Message

It gives me immense pleasure to inaugurate the first ever dedicated website of the Georgians Association Delhi (GAD) – wholly owned, operated and administered by GAD, in the 27th year of GAD's existence. It is indeed a matter of pride for all Georgians to have such a website, for, in a nation which is taking giant strides towards digitization, having a dedicated website of its own is not only a matter of prestige for GAD and Georgians but a dire necessity too.

After our two earlier experiences with websites owned and operated by individual Georgians, a strong need was felt for GAD to have a dedicated website of its own. A decision to the effect was taken at the very first meeting of the present Executive Committee on 17 Jan 2015. The decision was pursued vigorously with several web developers in NCR but for some reason or the other, the project just failed to take off even though we had the basic contours of design and layout ready by mid-2015.



AGM & Annual Lunch

27 Nov 2016, Delhi

The Annual Meet of Georgians.

Mid Year Dinner

01 April 2017, Delhi

Let's see you there.

AGM Annual Lunch

26 Nov 2017, Delhi

Gear up for the Annual Meet.

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